1:1 Mastermind & Property Tour with Matt

Please fill out the intake form below to sign up for this 1:1 with Matt. Note: There will be a $99 CAD non refundable application fee associated with this program which will be deducted from the program fee if you are accepted. The total program cost is $2,500.00. As a part of your submission, you will be asked to schedule a 10 minute call with Matt to determine your candidacy. During this call you're also invited to ask a bonus question for Matt.

What you get with this Mastermind

1. A 30 minute tour of one of Matt’s properties with Matt, a camera man and someone on Matt’s team

2. A tour of the city and get a Q&A on the neighborhoods

3. 1 hour in person class session with Matt

4. Surprise introduction/connection or bonus based on the individual

*Expect this Mastermind to last for a total of 5 hours.*

Applicant 1

Applicant 2 (optional)



Classroom session

Please select the primary subject matter you want to cover fill out what topics you’d like to cover so Matt can come prepared to help you.