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Adam Martin

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"I have perhaps had one of the most rare and incredible opportunities with The Clique having been one of the very first people on the team to join Matt McKeever and Jeff Wybo in their bold and daring ventures. At the beginning, I met Matt and Jeff on a Wybo Limo Tour of private real estate in London. After meeting Matt and consuming about 100 of his Youtube videos in one night, I knew I had to make some hard decisions to leave my job and pursue any opportunity I could to be closer to such an innovative and exciting mentor.

I quit my job immediately after meeting Matt for the second time. We met in his kitchen where I, along with my good friend, insisted that we come work for him. Matt had no idea what we would do for him, or what use we could be for his investments, and he took a leap of faith to mentor two young hungry guys that were willing to drop everything to join him. What followed was months of my friend and I driving from Guelph to London every morning to work on Matt’s projects while making invaluable connections with people and ideas in his network.

After about a year of working with Matt my life completely turned around. I learned the degree at which one needs to commit to an idea, and for how long one would need to consistently drive for results to actually see any meaningful changes. Over the last couple of years we have learned how to become exceptional sales people and leaders. Every day is a new challenge, and every year a completely different person emerges from the lessons learned.

Between our daily accountability meetings, weekly one on one meetings, book clubs, fitness challenges, and corporate culture, I know that we are the most cohesive team in our industry. Matt consistently drives for results while prioritizing and executing on a culture of abundance and learning. There is no doubt in my mind that his efforts and leadership have been the catalyst for change in thousands of Canadians, and that his impact will continue to hit like a tidal wave crashing upon millions before he has met his goals.

If you are looking for a leader who ACTUALLY cares, who will sacrifice his own time and money to make sure you are gaining the adequate knowledge, skills, and experience to become a future business owner and titan- look no further. You’ve arrived. Simply as anyone on Matt’s teams or within his companies what value Matt has brought to their lives and you will have your answer.

In my personal experience, Matt has helped me to change my mindset to one that is constantly focusing on solutions. Problems all appear to me now as profits, and I have been able to leverage that mindset to hiring over a dozen people in our wholesaling business. Between daily accountability, creative solution seeking, aggressive milestones, and a focus on continuous improvement, we have been able to grow into a 7-Figure business and have every intention of hitting 8-Figures this year."


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